Two researchers in a lab is an open research management tool designed to support research projects, enable collaboration and facilitate open research.

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What is and how can it benefit my research?

Research papers and protocol organisation often lack detailed instructions for repeating experiments. is a secure open access platform for developing and sharing reproducible methods. Users can create, publish, and read public protocols. University of Manchester staff and students can also create private areas for method development, collaboration and tracking protocol execution records. The platform helps authors bring structure to their research, whilst effectively building on the practices and methods of others. 


Dr Ronan O'Cualain

‌"I've been very impressed with's functionality. As a coordinator for researcher training for a busy core facility, the transfer of information is a fundamental art of my role. helps this process through written information, videos, diagrams and pictures. It is dynamic, meaning any modifications and updates I make to protocols are instant. A great feature is that each protocol has its own DOI, so my work can be referenced and located easily. "

-  Dr Ronan O'Cualain


Benefits of

  • Dynamic and interactive protocols. Run methods step by step online, record changes and capture outputs. 
  • Sharing flexibility. Publish publicly or share with groups; discuss, improve and modify. 
  • Versatile knowledge. The platform accommodates protocols across research disciplines, not limited to wet-lab research. It's adaptable and versatile for various research methods. 
  • Computational support. Capture computational analyses details; complement platforms such as GitHub or Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Enhanced reproducibility. Openly sharing optimized protocols and methodologies is crucial for research reproducibility. Minor improvements can significantly enhance method efficiency, saving time and resources. Researchers are encouraged to share corrections and improvements, impacting their recognition and credibility.
  • Importing existing protocols. University users can send their existing protocols in PDF format to for importing and formatting.

Support for

As part of The University of Manchester's institutional membership, staff and students can access premium support from