Open Research Skills Training

To embed open research practices within the culture of The University of Manchester, it is necessary to ensure staff and students have access to relevant open research skills.

Two researchers looking at a book together

To ensure this, we will be building training resources for open research skills development - identified through consultation exercises and in the University’s Our Future strategic plan as a key goal for the open research programme.

This project will deliver the development of open research training material and create a community of practice that will deliver training and share skills with peers.

Project goals

Develop an Open Research Skills Framework

We will develop an Open Research Skills Framework, an actionable document setting out pathways for building skills and practice around open research. The document will be designed to be linked to inclusive paths for career development. The framework will be used alongside a UKRN gap analysis of existing training to identify priority areas of training for the project to develop.

Launch an Open Research Fellowship Programme

The Office for Open Research has secured funding from the Research England Advancing Research Culture Fund to develop an Open Research Fellowship Programme. In 2023-24 we appointed our Open Research Fellows on an FTE buyout model. These Fellows are contributing to the development and delivery of high-quality open research training. Recruitment for the next tranche of Open Research Fellows will begin on Monday, 5 February and the application window will close on Friday, 5 April.

Create a single access point to existing and new Open Research training resources. 

Develop a portal within the Office for Open Research website which would present pathways for researchers to access skills training provision appropriate to their needs.

Develop communications and advocacy activities 

Raising the awareness among members of the University (students and academic staff) of open research, via the new Open Research Skills Framework. This will include communicating how this aligns with the University’s strategic priorities and the role it can play in career and skills development.