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Responsible metrics

Research metrics are measures by which the quality or perceived impact of research is considered, compared and evaluated.

Evaluation of research is undertaken for many different reasons, including determining funding allocations; evidencing the outcome of funding; informing organisational planning; and to improve the research environment of an organisation, including related to recruitment and promotion of researchers.

It’s essential that research metrics are used appropriately and responsibly, as the consequences of irresponsible use can be significant. These can include the risk of undermining the equitable recruitment, development and progression of researchers and their careers due to racial or gender biases, or misunderstandings arising from disciplinary differences. Manchester was one of the first UK signatories of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), and our Responsible Metrics Statement commits us to using metrics only in appropriate and responsible ways:

Library support for responsible metrics

The Library is developing a growing list of support and guidance materials on the responsible application of metrics across the university.