Office for Open Research

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About us

Led by the Library, the Office for Open Research supports the University's aims to create a more open and responsible research environment.

What is the Office for Open Research?


About the Office for Open Research


The Office for Open Research helps to make the University's research more open and transparent.   Our work is making it simple to access a wide range of open research support and resources from across the University.

By aiding the development of open research skills and practices, we are working towards more reproducible, efficient, and rigorous research.

Contact us with any enquiry relating to open research and we'll ensure you get a quick response from our Open Research Service Partnership:

Over the coming months we'll be showcasing examples of open research practice through a range of case studies from across the University’s three faculties.

We will also be connecting communities with an interest in open research from across the University, helping to create new communities of practice and sharing information across the University through news items and opinion pieces.