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Office for Open Research launch event video

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We are pleased to share a video of the launch event for The University of Manchester Office for Open Research.

The launch event was held on Monday, 4 April 2022.


During the event we heard future plans for the Office, as well as from a panel of speakers who spoke about the importance of universities fully embedding open research into institutional practice.

The panel

  • Sara Rouhi, Director of Strategic Partnerships at PLOS (Public Library of Science)
  • Mark Hahnel, CEO and founder of FigShare
  • Professor Caroline Jay, Dept of Computer Science
  • Professor Carole Goble, Dept of Computer Science

Event: Reproducibility Bootcamp

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26 April-24 May 2022: online

Live calls: every Tuesday 9:45am - 12pm (UK Time)

Ideally, research is collaborative, well-documented, sharable, and can be reproduced by others (or by the original researchers at a later point in time). Not only does this make a researcher’s job much easier, it makes their work more valuable, citable and extensible.

This training series, provided by the UK Data Service, walks you through how to:

  • make your research ready for open science;
  • apply reproducibility to social science and other 'tricky' topics; and
  • collaborate, document and share research in diverse contexts.

Each week of activity in this bootcamp will comprise a range of components, some synchronous (eg. workshop sessions led by the instructors and delivered over Zoom) and some asynchronous (eg. video-recorded talks, contributing to discussion boards, completing work independently/in small groups, etc).

Further information

This course requires a solid commitment of four to six hours each week.  Bursaries are available to cover the cost of the fee for NCRM courses.